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The Experience

Tinted Events crafts joyful, romantic, signature weddings and events that shine through in every detail — from intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations that transcend the ordinary— weaving your love story into a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions and elegance.

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 ROMANTICIZing about their timeless wedding in an Idyllic destination 

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the experience

Curating Your Dream Event with Unique Tints of Perfection 
your celebration is our masterpiece.

OUR vision

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Jacqueline 'Jax' is a Latina award-winning, full-service wedding planner and designer who aligns with busy, discerning U.S.-based professionals anticipating their dream day and guest experience domestically or abroad. Her reputation as a decisive but kind-hearted connector has made her a sought-after destination wedding professional. Recognized as an industry author, educator, and contributor in top publications, including BRIDES, The Knot, Today.com, Destination Wedding Planners - DWP Insider, Atlanta Style Weddings, Architectural Digest, and Destination I Do, have recognized her knowledgeable and personalized concierge-style approach to wedding planning. 

With a full passport, and a delightful glass of merlot in hand.

Jacqueline Vizcaino

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- A+J

You captured our vision perfectly and more. You kept everything together and handled the all the challenges that came with grace. We both truly believe God aligned our paths and that you were a gift during our wedding season.

"We talk about the wedding ALL the time and the sweetness of that night. What a treasure it was! ."

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- S+J

On the wedding day, walking into the venue and seeing it all come to life was a breathtaking moment that I will never forget. Jax's expertise, professionalism, and friendly demeanor made working with her a breeze. She truly went above and beyond to make our wedding day the best day of our life.

"She cared for every detail and presented a stunning design board that perfectly captured our vision."

Photography|Christina Quarte  Design|Tinted Events

- M+J

From start to finish, she guided us through the planning process and recommended amazing vendor partners to complete our team. On our wedding day, everything ran smoothly thanks to Jax's attention to detail. We highly recommend her for couples looking for an efficient, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable planner who will make the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. She truly has a talent for making weddings breathtaking and unforgettable.

"We needed a planner who was straightforward and detail-oriented, and we found all of that in Jax."

Photography|Ashley Nicole  Design|Tinted Events

- L+C

Working with Jax put us at ease as she explained the process and our needs in detail. She was patient, brought ideas to the table, and flawlessly executed our vision. Jax made the process a breeze and ensured everything was perfect on our special day. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expert in the industry with a friendly and approachable personality!

"Her strong character, connections, organization, and calming presence have been invaluable to us."

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- A+P

Our initial fear of not vibing well with a planner disappeared after meeting Jax and realizing she had our back when dealing with vendors. If anyone asked me about working with Jax, I would sum it all up by saying she is the BEST wedding planner and designer who anticipates your needs and has your back every step of the way. Thank you, Jax!

"My mom and I loved collaborating with Jax to reach my fiancé and my vision, which came to life on our wedding day.”

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- P+L

She guided us patiently through the process and went above and beyond to ensure every detail was flawless. Our guests couldn't stop raving. Jax's expertise and warm personality made her stand out as one of the best in the business. I am forever grateful for her mission to bring our vision to life!

"I highly recommend securing an industry-leading wedding designer like Jax to execute your vision flawlessly. "

Photography|Oak and Gold Design|Tinted Events

- c+J

Countless compliments have poured in about the beautiful layout and visuals of our wedding, which was only made possible by Jax's enhancements and bubbly, warm personality. She even goes above and beyond by keeping in touch with us through social media. 

"Jax exceeded all our expectations with her unmatched work and attentiveness to our needs."

Photography|Anna+Spencer.  Design|Tinted Events

- G+C

Before hiring Jax, we were overwhelmed with the thought of translating our vision for our wedding. But thanks to her expertise and commitment to excellence, our family and friends were blown away by how she transformed our rural family tree farm into a breathtaking event. Jax was the perfect fit for us - not only because of her longstanding relationship with our vendor partners but also because of her down-to-earth approach and honesty in helping us prioritize our must-haves and maybe-haves. Jax gets it done while keeping it real.

"She turned our family's farm into a stunning ceremony site and seamlessly planned the entire weekend of events." 

Photography|Amanda Summerlin.  Design|Tinted Events

- K+S | Parents of the bride

We can't thank her enough for holding my hand (mom) during the crazy moments. Jumping in at the perfect times with the things we didn't even know we needed. We loved her attention to detail and suggestions to ensure our daughter had a night to remember! We thank her a million times over.

"She was amazing to work with, and we can't thank her enough! She made the entire process so special."

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Tinted Events believes your investment in your dream event should be as personalized as the experience itself
— customizing your one-of-a-kind experiences to meet your every expectation.


Step into the final phase of our planning approach, where our commitment to delivering excellence culminates in an unforgettable celebration. In the “Delivering Details” phase, we ensure that each facet of your event is executed with precision, care, and sophistication. Your event is not just flawlessly executed; it's an immersive experience where every detail reflects the dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence that defines Tinted Events.


Embark on a journey of enchantment as we bring your dreams to life at Tinted Events. In the "Designing Dreams" phase, we transcend ordinary wedding planning, curating an extraordinary experience that reflects your unique vision. Immersing you and your guest in the art of personalization and customization, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted to exceed your expectations.


At Tinted Events, we believe in the art of crafting moments that resonate with your unique love story. Our personalized consultation is the first brushstroke on the canvas of your vision. We delve deep, meticulously, listening and understanding your expectations and distinctive preconditions during this stage, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your individuality.




Photography|Michelle Scott   Design|Flowers By Yona
Custom Invitations|Jolly Edition

Photography|Michelle Scott   Design|Flowers By Yona

Photography|Michelle Scott   Design|Flowers By Yona

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A Celebration of LOVE, Elegance, and Unparalleled Style

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Photography|Elizabeth Austin   Design|Tinted Events


If our best friends get engaged next month, our best advice would be to hire Jax and enjoy the ride! After all, there is nothing like having a trusted person in your corner as you prepare for the most important day of your life. And with Jax by your side, you can rest assured that every detail will be flawlessly executed, and your vision will come to life in ways you couldn't have imagined. - S+M

"Throughout the process, Jax proved herself to be everything we could have hoped for - organized, detail-oriented, and committed. "

Before hiring Jax, we were nervous about choosing a wedding planner who could execute our vision. We also needed someone who was straightforward and detail-oriented, and we found all of that in Jax. If anyone asked me for advice on planning their wedding, I would tell them to hire her without hesitation. 

"She truly has a talent for making weddings breathtaking and unforgettable."


- S+L

"Seeing our vision come to life on our wedding day was a surreal and magical experience."


"She truly has a talent for making weddings breathtaking and unforgettable."

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- M+J


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At Tinted Events, we believe in planning uniquely tailored experiences for our couples. For that reason, we limit the number of events each year to ensure we dedicate the utmost attention and care to each wedding. Our commitment is to create a truly harmonious partnership where both parties feel a mutual connection and understanding. 

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